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Ericsson Nikola Tesla contracted works worth EUR 2.4 million

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Ericsson Nikola Tesla has signed new contracts focused on the further digital transformation of the society.

With the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media we have signed a Contract for the services of developing the National Archive Information System, including data testing and migration, developing a repository for storing digitalized material and developing e-services. In addition to establishing a National Archive Information System, the project will establish e-services for creators and owners of the material falling within the competence of the archive as well as e-services for citizens, public bodies and private legal persons; moreover, user groups will receive training. The assets were ensured by the Ministry in the framework of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan as a response to a reform measure whose aim is to improve the management of documentary and archival material in the state administration and other public services in the Republic of Croatia as well as to increase the availability and usability of the information contained in the material for the business operations of public services and for the needs of the citizens, the economy and other potential users.

Cooperation with the Croatian Ministry of the Interior in the field of protecting the green border continues. It is expected that new mobile systems for monitoring the green border will be delivered in the summer of 2023. The goal is to increase security and control of the external border of the European Union in line with Schengen rules. The project will be carried out in cooperation with two companies: Securitas Hrvatska and Hidraulika promet.

A contract has been signed with the University Hospital for Infectious Diseases “Dr. Fran Mihaljević” in Zagreb for the maintenance of the integrated hospital information system intended to support all important processes in the hospital and the work of all wards, adapted to the Croatian legislation and rules, providing full support to the doctors, nurses, the board of directors and other employees to make their daily decisions for medical treatment and care.

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