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Export Contracts Valued of More than MHRK 45

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Ericsson Nikola Tesla signed new export contracts amounting to more than MHRK 45 in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

A new frame agreement was made with Kosovo operator Ipko to define the mutual strategic relations for the period to come. In addition, an implementation of earlier agreed projects on hardware and software upgrade of particular nodes in the existing network is currently being executed. It is about the upgrading of Ipko mobile network elements engaged in data transmission and implementation of new WiFi solutions.

In the Bosnia and Herzegovina market, Ericsson Nikola Tesla has continued the cooperation with s HT Mostar. The contract signed with this operator covers the extension of radio part of the network and the delivery of radio links (Mini Link solution by Ericsson) for their interconnection.

As of the Montenegro market, a new multi-year agreement was signed with the operator Crnogorski Telekom. It defines the collaboration on the modernization of a packet switching core network. The realization of the given contract will make this Montenegro operator the first one within Deutsche Telekom group having implemented the state-of-the art Packet Core solution by Ericsson, thus providing its end users with even higher data transmission rates. In addition, with Crnogorski Telekom a number of projects on the upgrading of the nodes in mobile and fixed network were agreed.

MSc Gordana Kovačević gave the following comment to the signed contracts: “I am pleased with the continuation of good business collaboration with our customers in the region. The implementation of our solutions for the above operators' end users is a step forward towards a networked society in which all that may benefit from being connected, will be networked. This will lead to important changes in people's life and will offer new opportunities in business, education and entertainment. In the period to come, we expect the opening of Kosovo market for new mobile technologies, since Kosovo is still the only European country with no 3G signal.”

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