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New Export contract between Ericsson Nikola Tesla and BH Telecom

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Ericsson Nikola Tesla, the leading regional supplier of telecom solutions and BH Telecom, the largest telecom operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina, signed a contract on the modernization of the packet switching core network of this operator amounting to MHRK 10.

From right to left: Nedžad Rešidbegović and Velimir SpitekOn the occasion of the contract signing, MSc Nedžad Rešidbegović, BH Telecom director general said: “Last year, BH Telecom achieved excellent results. Our company was proclaimed the most successful company in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We awarded Ericsson Nikola Tesla a recognition “A partner of the Year” at the recently held a ceremony “Proud of Our Partners”. This is the best illustration of our fruitful cooperation. This contract shows our trust in expertise of Ericsson Nikola Tesla employees. Therefore, I believe in the future successful collaboration, Ericsson leadership in technology and the continuation of a good collaboration with our long-term partner.” 

Velimir Spitek, who is responsible for sales and marketing to BH Telecom, expressed his gratitude for the given trust said the following: “Just as BH Telecom has recognized our company as a really good partner in the development of its own business, which we are really proud of, we are also happy for BH Telecom successes and the expertise of its employees. I believe that this contract will also be successfully implemented to the benefit of all users of BH Telecom services, and all the population of this neighboring country, Bosnia and Herzegovina”.  

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