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EU project successfully completed

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The closing ceremony of project of the development of a One Stop Shop (OSS) for the Joint Information System of Land Registry and Cadastre (JIS), financed by the European Union’s IPA 2008 Programme for Croatia, was held in Ericsson Nikola Tesla on 30 May 2014. One Stop Shop was established through the project and 14 training courses for the use and administration of the established OSS system were held for the employees of the Ministry of Justice, the State Geodetic Administration and their stakeholders in which they were trained for future efficient use of JIS. Additionally, 11 Land Registry and 11 Cadastral offices were incorporated into the work of JIS (which is 10% of the total number of land registry and cadastral offices in Croatia).

One Stop Shop as a single point of service for the Joint Information System of Land Registry and Cadastre enables improved quality and speed of real property registration services for key stakeholders and citizens. The project was implemented by Ericsson Nikola Tesla in consortium with the local company Infodom and the Slovenian company IGEA, and its main beneficiaries are the Croatian Ministry of Justice and the State Geodetic Administration.

The establishment of OSS makes it possible for official documents to be obtained from any office irrespective of the institution in charge of the property, which saves the citizens' time and resources. Notaries public will issue official documents using the OSS service and will submit requests, which will unburden institutions further and readily respond to an increased demand due to the property market development, whereas the incorporated possibility of issuing digitally signed official documents will, ultimately, replace paper.

The ceremony was opened by Renata Duka, Assistant Minister for Justice who stated on the occasion: “The establishment of the Joint Information System of Land Registry and Cadastre aims to increase the level of legal safety, rationalize both systems, simplify business processes, ensure data harmonization, improve relations with users and increase the speed and quality of services.”

Danko Markovinović, Head of the State Geodetic Administration stated in his address: “The completion of this project within the joint information system marks the opening of a new era in the work of Cadastre and Land Registry. The State Geodetic Administration collects, processes, updates and distributes basic spatial registries and other spatial data. Precisely this new model of availability of Cadastre and Land Registry data will be the driving force and a big support to the economic recovery of our country, in the sense of a faster and more efficient distribution of data and the realization of business processes. It should also be noted that this project is an excellent example of the use of European Union funding, owing to mutual cooperation between the Ministry of Justice and the State Geodetic Administration, that is, our teams of experts, to the benefit of all citizens of the Republic of Croatia.” 

Gordana Kovačević, President of Ericsson Nikola Tesla emphasized: “Through this project Ericsson Nikola Tesla re-affirms its position as a  future-oriented knowledge company that promotes and encourages sustainability mostly through its active participation in development of innovative technological solutions for the betterment of society and individuals in the Networked Society whilst maintaining a positive impact on the environment. Our joint work represents Croatia as a knowledge country in which competent and innovative professionals realize projects that bring high added value and contribute to progress and wellbeing both of our country and the EU as a whole. We know that we can hardly achieve the level of competitiveness required to survive in the global market without an efficient public administration in the service of citizens and companies. That is the reason why we are particularly pleased that our partners in the Ministry of Justice and the State Geodetic Administration realize that and demonstrate that jointly we can make significant positive steps.“

The result of the Project was presented by Ms Tiana Pribanić, Project Director.

Congratulating all project participants for the quality of the project implementation, Nataša Mikuš Žigman, the Director of the Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFCA), stressed that this project, along with bringing valuable and concrete results was also an opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience in the application of strict and administratively complex rules for using money from the EU budget. She also stated her conviction that there will be opportunities for quality cooperation in the upcoming period in which further opportunities will open for funding of projects in the judiciary sector and thanked all project partners for investing their efforts and enthusiasm in it.

The fact that Ericsson Nikola Tesla hosted this event presented an opportunity for the guests to visit the company’s Technology Road in which innovative technologies and solutions were presented on the practical examples of the projects realized as a part of the broader vision of the Networked Society of the future.   

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