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IPA 2009 project for the Croatian agency for medicines and medicinal products presented

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The project “Preparations for eCTD and Implementation of Digital Archival Information System” whose end beneficiary is the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of the Republic of Croatia (HALMED) was presented in Ericsson Nikola Tesla’s premises on Tuesday, 16 September.  The purpose of this project funded through the European Union’s IPA 2009 Programme for Croatia was to support HALMED’s efficient participation in the European medicines regulatory network.

Within the project, Ericsson Nikola Tesla runs the 839.999 Euro worth contract “Digital Archival Information system in the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices”, whereas the Hungarian company AAM Management Information Consulting Ltd. was charged with business processes analysis and redesign through the 280.000 Euro worth contract “Business Process Analysis and Improvement in the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices”.

The ICT system that Ericsson Nikola Tesla implements for HALMED through this 9-month project provides a centralised access and better control over documents used in the Agency’s daily work, facilitates exchange of information with other users and contributes to the quality and efficiency of HALMED’s operation, as wells as to an efficient application of information and communication services within the European medicines regulatory network.

In her welcome address, Ms Viola Macolić Šarinić, PhD, stated that, due to thorough and timely preparations for the EU accession, HALMED today is recognized to be a quality partner in the European regulatory network and concluded: “This project has indeed justified our high expectations and offered HALMED the required support in the preparation for its functioning in the integrated European regulatory environment and enhanced the quality and efficiency in our operation.”

The President of Ericsson Nikola Tesla spoke about the company’s rich experience and expertise in big complex projects, especially those in the health sector, in which company experts also join in the work of global teams, such as the cooperation in the production of Ericsson’s Remote Patient Monitoring System that was awarded with M2M Telehealth award for 2014. She also noted:” We are particularly proud of the e-health project in Croatia which we realized in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance. That is why we consider this project to be the natural progression of our engagement in the health sector. We are glad that we established excellent cooperation with HALMED which is one of the important factors in the Croatian healthcare system. Thanks to their professionalism and expertise and very high motivation to achieve excellence in their operation that we witnessed while working on this project, HALMED proved to be an excellent partner. The implementation of information and communication system  that we run in this project enables the Agency’s more efficient participation in the knowledge exchange at the EU level that facilitates reaching of the highest standards, optimal use of Europe’s scientific resources and development of high-quality, efficient and safe medicines. In this way Ericsson Nikola Tesla contributes to the public sector’s more efficient dealing with the challenges of the networked society in which we live.”

The Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Croatia, Primarius Marijan Cesarik, MD, stressed that this was a very important project for HALMED as the regulatory agency for medicines and that it would be possible to monitor benefits of this project in the long run and also use them in the future. The Deputy Minister of Health also noted that there was a need for more successful projects like this one, with project results achieved and added that he hoped HALMED would continue to explore EU funds-related opportunities through structural and investment funds.
Ms Mirella Rašić from European Commission Representation in Croatia noted that the issue of health is one of the key issues for the EU and added: “Projects like these, even though technical in their nature, represent yet another necessary step in the process of continued linking of Croatia with other EU member states. We face the challenges together, and we need to continue on the foundations of cooperation.”

The project was presented from various points of view by HALMED employees Mr Arian Rajh and Ms Maja Lovrek, Ms Tiana Pribanić from Ericsson Nikola Tesla and Ratko Gospodnetić, representing AAM Management Information Consulting Ltd.

Holding the event in Ericsson Nikola Tesla’s premises was also an opportunity for the guests  to visit the Technology Road in which innovative solutions and technologies were presented to them on practical examples of projects realized, all being a part of a wider vision of the networked society of the future.

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