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Ericsson Nikola Tesla and Vipnet implement the first Radio Dot system in Croatia

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Ericsson Nikola Tesla has together with Vipnet implemented the first Radio Dot system in Croatia. This cutting edge Ericsson solution for indoor mobile network coverage is implemented on Vipnet network in Ericsson Nikola Tesla premises in Zagreb. After this initial implementation, further ones are planned, which will significantly improve the quality of mobile communication.

About 90 percent of our time is spent indoors. However, results from an Ericsson ConsumerLab survey reveal that only three in 10 smartphone users find indoor voice quality, coverage and reliability to be good. The challenge will be exacerbated by the 11 times growth in smartphone traffic forecast from 2015 to 2021, with around 90 percent of mobile data traffic expected to come from smartphones by the end of 2021.

To improve indoor app coverage, more than 100 operators around the world have adopted the Ericsson Radio Dot System, an innovative indoor small cell solution. This system improves mobile data throughput by up to five times, dropped calls are reduced to zero due to low coverage and installation times are as low as four minutes per Dot.

The Radio Dot SystemThe Radio Dot System is designed to enable mobile operators to deliver consistently high-performance voice and data coverage and capacity in buildings. The system features the iconic Radio Dot, attractively designed antenna that provides high-performance app coverage throughout the building and seamless mobility with the outdoor mobile network. The coordination functionality between Radio Dot small cells and outdoor macro cells enables high performance and smooth transition between outdoor and indoor coverage. The system is remote software-upgradable, and the current software version, Networks Software 16A, supporting up to 600Mbps peak rates using LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation, while reducing power consumption of the already-energy-efficient system. Ericsson Radio Dot System supports the same software as the operator's outdoor macrocell network, ensuring a seamless user experience and faster time to market for new performance and efficiency-enhancing capabilities.

Small cell architectures like the Ericsson Radio Dot System are set to become increasingly prevalent as networks evolve towards 5G commercial availability, commencing in 2020. Mobile broadband and video demand, along with innovative new Internet of Things use cases, are driving 5G development, which will include an evolution of today's LTE and the addition of new radio access technologies.

MSc Gordana Kovačević, Ericsson Nikola Tesla President commented on the occasion: “I am glad that we are continuing our successful long-term cooperation with our strategic partner Vipnet in implementation of new state-of-the-art technologies, as the first in Croatia in this segment. To our company, as a large business customer, the quality and user experience are of utmost importance as a support in performing our demanding business activities. We will enable this with the implementation of this solution, and I believe that numerous others business entities will choose Radio Dot because with the increase of data traffic, this demand will become more significant in the upcoming period.”

Miroslav Kantolić, Director Sales&Marketing Vipnet in Ericsson Nikola Tesla emphasized: “It is a great pleasure for me that the first Ericsson Radio Dot System is successfully and quite fast implemented in Vipnet commercial network. With this, the service quality and the user experience, both voice and data, are increased to a level which is currently considered as one of the best in the world. I believe that after this success, the numerous implementations will follow across Croatia. We are very happy to participate in creation of new values and I am happy that this vision is shared with our partner Vipnet and that we are jointly creating new values in Croatia.
“The cooperation between Vipnet and Ericsson Nikola Tesla has resulted in a project whose significance is visible on a global scale, and confirmation of this is receiving several global awards for innovativeness in the telecom sector. I am extremely pleased that Radio Dot has a very concrete use value for our users which will be able to truly fell the difference in indoor coverage. The implementation of this type of a system follows the Vipnet’s focus towards smart innovations which are immediately ready for a commercial usage, and do not require long period to be accepted by users. New and innovative technologies are with this directly improving the user experience, which is one of key prerequisite for the success of today’s telecom operators.“ – said Adrian Ježina, Vipnet Management Board member.

“We are very satisfied with the cooperation of Vipnet and Ericsson Nikola Tesla experts on this project. By joining the state-of-the-art Ericsson technology and advanced 4G+/LTE Vipnet radio access network design, we have enabled this innovation. Besides the cooperation in technology, we are happy that with the implementation of this latest technological breakthrough in a small cells design, we have enabled the quality and possibilities of mobile internet usage, which puts Ericsson Nikola Tesla’s main building next to the most advanced buildings in the world when it comes to communication possibilities.

The DOT system with its elegant mechanical characteristics enables easy integration of the distributed antenna architecture into the building interior and thus enables the availability of a high-quality data and voice service in all indoor parts. DOT solutions perfectly fit into the development of Vipnet heterogeneous network development strategy, which aims that every user at any time, regardless is it mobility, indoor work or place requiring significant capacity, has the best user experience.“, said Tomislav Makar, Vipnet Access and Transport Network Development Director.
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