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We Have Transformed Armenian Health Information System

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Anyone that has in any way participated in the activities regarding healthcare informatization in Croatia over the past decade, is aware of the demanding transformation journey made towards what is today one of the most successful national e-Health systems in Europe. Being aware of all the challenges that needed to be dealt with on such a journey, made engaging in a similar endeavor in a foreign country rather bold, which is why we can be extremely proud of the fact that we have recently successfully finished the project of Integrated Health Information System of Armenia.

As an organization we have learnt a lot. For the first time, we went through the whole World Bank project cycle in the field of healthcare, which is in itself a very valuable experience. We are aware of the importance the consultative role of healthcare experts has, especially in the initial phases of such a project.

Familiarizing ourselves with the business environment, legislative frameworks and business processes of a foreign country, and operating in its environment, as well as realizing the importance of having a quality and reliable local partner, we have realized what types of challenges we could encounter. On the part of the customer, it was essential to establish quality collaboration with all the representatives of national authorities involved in the project, especially with the institution coordinating all the projects of the Government of the Republic of Armenia (EKENG CJSC).

We have transformed ourselves both technology- and development-wise. We made a technological advancement regarding our Ericsson Healthcare Exchange (EHE) solution towards open source software, which significantly enhances our portfolio and enables us to be competitive in different markets with various technological and budget requirements. Due to that, we had to embed new and different paradigms into the way of working and thinking as an important contribution to the further development and optimization of our existing solutions. Since Armenian health information system also covers secondary and tertiary healthcare institutions, nowadays we have additional experience in the creation of hospital information system at national level, which is cloud-based. And finally, we have acquired an extremely important first acknowledgment regarding the export of national healthcare information system, which gives a powerful impetus to our ongoing activities and new chances ahead.

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