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Portal for Patients: Additional Help for Patients and Doctors

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Along with eHealth Record, which will be available on a national level from September 1, the portal for patients will also contribute to a more effective communication between the patients and the healthcare system. The Portal will act as a form of a “window”, giving patients an overview of their personal eHealth Record. Furthermore, this solution will remove some of the burden from the doctors, as it will enable them to manage administrative issues more effectively.

In a simple way, the portal for patients will encompass medical and administrative data in a digital form, and actively involve patients, who will via the Portal, which is accessible through the e-Citizens system, be able to see all of their prescribed and issued medicines, as well as medical findings and discharge summaries. Even though access to one’s personal health record is allowed only to authorized doctors, engaged in the patient’s treatment, and to whom the patient has given her/his consent, via the portal, the citizens will be able to further individually manage the rights of access, as well as see details on who accessed certain parts of their eHealth record and when.
At the same time, a trial run is performed of a mobile portal, which will enable nearly one and a half million citizens across Croatia to book an appointment at their General Practitioner’s (GP’s) more effectively and send requests for renewal of their ongoing treatment. Moreover, it will provide the possibility of sending requests for common administrative documents, such as fit notes or doctor’s notes. After the request has been processed or after the patient has been given an appointment, the patient will automatically receive a proper feedback, once again, via the mobile portal.
All the data accessible through the portal for patients are actually unified and structured personal data on a patient's health, which have already been collected and stored through various applications, such as ePrescription or eReferral, in the existing Central Healthcare Information System of the Republic of Croatia (CEZIH). Maximal security and traceability is guaranteed by a number of most modern security measures, including encrypted data traffic, application of National Identification and Authentication System, as well as smart identification cards for authorized healthcare providers.

It is expected that the implementation of the portal for patients will facilitate the administrative part of the job performed by healthcare providers, enable a more effective time management, and finally contribute to minimizing the number of the people in the waiting rooms, and provide a higher standard of healthcare service quality to the patients, as well as a better control over the interaction with the healthcare system.
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