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Diversity Charter Croatia – Signing Ceremony

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The signing ceremony within the Diversity Charter Croatia, a project joined by Ericsson Nikola Tesla with the company President, Gordana Kovačević, MSc, as one of project Ambassadors, was held on 4 October in Zagreb.

The Diversity Charter Croatia is a part of a wider platform initiated by the European Commission (EC) in 2010 which aims to promote diversity and inclusion, non-discrimination and human rights protection. Along with the President of Ericsson Nikola Tesla, the chosen Ambassadors are Marinko Došen, President of the Board, AD Plastik, John Gasparac, Country Managing Partner, PwC Hrvatska, Daria Mateljak, Director for Croatia of Hauska & Partner and Goran Ražnjević, President of the Board of Ilirija d.d. Thus far 34 Croatian companies have joined the Charter.

In the introductory part, Anne Deschanel, a representative of the French Diversity Charter emphasized the economic aspects of appreciation of diversity. Anu Ritz from the European Commission as the representative of the EC Diversity Charter platform, Mirjana Matešić from the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development, the project leads in Croatia and Tena Šimonović Einwalter, the Deputy Ombudsman of the Republic of Croatia also participated in the discussion on the topic of diversity that followed. Ms Kovačević, president of Ericsson Nikola Tesla also addressed the audience.
Gordana Kovačević, MSc commented:
„I am very happy to have been selected as one of the Ambassadors of diversity and that Ericsson Nikola Tesla participates in the project Diversity Charter Croatia. I am confident that this project will provide opportunities for exchange of best practices with other companies, public institutions and the Croatian public. In Ericsson Nikola Tesla we appreciate and encourage diversity. We have been developing an organizational culture that stimulates diversity because our employees contribute to the success of our company with their diversity and innovativeness. We are a part of the Ericsson corporation that has over 110,000 individual perspectives, personal experiences and unique beliefs; the corporation that operates in 180 countries with 168 nationalities and 193 languages represented in its workforce. Ericsson nurtures a culture of respect of all individuals for their skills and contributions and strives to ensure equal opportunities for all regardless of age, religion, nationality, ethnicity, physical fitness, gender or gender preferences. In Ericsson Nikola Tesla we have been continuously developing a work environment in which all our employees feel appreciated and welcome and in which everyone has personal development opportunities to reach their full potential. Diversity of cultures, opinions and choices inspire us and stimulate our innovativeness thus contributing to our competitiveness in the global market. We are happy to share our experiences with all participants in the project Diversity Charter Croatia.“

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