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Ericsson Nikola Tesla and Crnogorski Telekom agree to cooperate in the forthcoming period

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On December 19 in Podgorica, in accordance with the frame agreement between Crnogorski Telekom and Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Nikola Ljušev, CEO of Crnogorski Telekom, and Gordana Kovačević, MSc, president of Ericsson Nikola Tesla, agreed on a cooperation amounting to more than MHRK 50 related to the new investment cycle of Crnogorski Telekom by the end of 2021 in the field of radio access network and mobile core network as well as other significant projects.

The radio network of Crnogorski Telekom will be modernized with the latest products and solutions from the Ericsson Radio System portfolio which will support the existing technologies and be ready for the upcoming fifth generation of mobile technology as well. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the said system offers the highest performance concerning carbon footprint in addition to the lowest energy consumption. This upgrade will provide citizens of Montenegro with the needed capacity and transfer speeds for more demanding mobile applications. 

During the said period, the cooperation will include the upgrade of the mobile core network of Crnogorski Telekom with Ericsson's latest software solutions, which will contribute to a better user experience. In the year to come, the project related to the migration of the existing operation support system to the latest Ericsson Network Manager solution should be pointed out. It will enable faster reaction in the field and ensure a continuous high quality of service to the users of this Montenegrin operator.

Nikola Ljušev, CEO of Crnogorski Telekom, said: “Over the past three years, Telekom invested more than MHRK 250 in the development of mobile network. We are the leaders of the digitalization process in Montenegro; already this year we offered the market a “smart city” concept and innovative system solutions which make the lives of our citizens simpler as well as improve the quality of their lives, while providing an increased level of efficiency to companies and public administration. The continuation of cooperation with Ericsson Nikola Tesla will enable further improvement of the performance of our network as well as future development of NB IoT and 5G technology which will provide our users with access to an even wider range of modern services and technologies, and the economy of Montenegro with new development opportunities.”

On the occasion of signing the agreement, Gordana Kovačević commented: “I am pleased that we have continued our successful long-term partnership with Crnogorski Telekom, the leading telecom operator in Montenegro. Based on the signed agreement, our customer’s network will be even more efficient in the future. This agreement is an important step by Crnogorski Telekom towards the fifth generation of mobile communications which will bring new, even more attractive user experience as well as benefits to the economy and the society at large.”

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