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Croatia is ready for the future – commercial 5G in Croatia

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Long-term cooperation with our strategic partner Hrvatski Telekom (HT) led to the introduction of 5G technology in Croatian telecommunication system, and as of today, this technology started its commercial operation in HT's network.

In June, we announced our 5G agreement based on which Ericsson Nikola Tesla will be the exclusive supplier in the domain of the radio part of HT's mobile network until 2024. Owing to our cooperation with HT, which led to today's turning point, the leading global technology is available in Croatia.

Ericsson's 5G technology was first presented in Croatia in Ericsson Nikola Tesla in 2018, and already in 2019 we have supported Croatia's leading telecommunication operators in implementing and testing the network of the latest generation of mobile technology.

The prerequisites for this big step forward of Hrvatski Telekom was the mobile network modernization on which the experts from Ericsson Nikola Tesla Group worked together with the colleagues from HT. This is an important moment for Croatia, as this future technology opens opportunities for an overall transformation of the economy and society.

Currently, Ericsson has 65 live 5G networks in 33 countries and 113 commercial 5G agreements with the leading operators worldwide. Ericsson is a global leader in 5G technology, and Ericsson Nikola Tesla is proud that, owing to this technology of the future on which our experts also work in research and development, as well as in global teams on the implementation of this technology, in partnership with the leading local operators we enable the development of Croatian economy and society in line with the global requests of digital age.

In this moment, HT's 5G network is available in the areas of Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Osijek, Samobor and Sveta Nedelja, and its implementation relies on the Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) technology, the application of which enables the use of the existing frequencies for 5G. Ericsson Spectrum Sharing technology enables the application of 4G and 5G in the same band and on the same radio device through software upgrade by which the available spectrum is dynamically allocated in a millisecond, according to user requirements.

On this occasion, Gordana Kovačević said: “I am pleased that with taking this step forward, Hrvatski Telekom found itself among the leading global operators that base the future of their business on 5G technology. As we have been emphasizing for a while, this is a technology which is key for the national infrastructure of developed countries. 5G has an incredible potential for transformation and innovation, which opens new opportunities for sustainable development of various industries, as well as society. I congratulate our colleagues in Hrvatski Telekom, and I am looking forward to further successful cooperation on their network development. “

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