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Cooperation on the Smart Campus project in Mostar Continues

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On the occasion of marking the Day of the University of Mostar, robot Leo Rover was presented at the University, and the University also organized a Hackathon for students. Leo Rover is a part of the Smart Campus project, which is being implemented by the University of Mostar in cooperation with the strategic partners, HT Eronet and Ericsson Nikola Tesla. Leo Rover is a mobile robot managed via LTE network of HT Eronet, and this platform has the option to be extended by various sensors and enables the development of various use cases, to be applied in concrete business systems. Within this cooperation, the plan is also to implement 5G Smart Campus in the near future.

Robot Leo Rover In addition to the representatives of the academia, led by the Rector of the University of Mostar, Professor Zoran Tomić, PhD, the event also gathered the representatives of HT Eronet; Goran Kraljević, CTO/CIO and Tomislav Ruk, CMO, and the representatives of Ericsson Nikola Tesla; Matej Perković, Account Manager for HT Eronet, and Zoran Civadelić, Solution Architect, responsible for technical aspects of this cooperation.

Leo Rover presented at the University of MostarThe assignment presented at the above-mentioned Hackathon encompassed three areas: agriculture, ecology, and traffic. Within this competition, the students were introduced to various modules of autonomous management of a mobile robot, and when presenting their solutions, they showed their understanding of modern technologies. The winner of the competition is a student of undergraduate study of Informatics from the Faculty of Science and Education, Filip Crnogorac, with the idea of smart gathering of waste from the campus of the University of Mostar.

Ericsson Nikola Tesla, as a leader in the development of ICT technologies, is dedicated to the society of knowledge, new competencies, and excellence. This cooperation, which started in 2018, proved to be an excellent source of multiple new ideas and projects for the benefit of the entire community.

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