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New contracts on the domestic market worth more than HRK 17 million

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Ericsson Nikola Tesla and Slovenian company Realis informacijske tehnologije, as a Bidding Consortium, have signed a contract with Hrvatske ceste worth HRK 3.9 million. This is a project that establishes a national access point for multimodal information in transport as well as develop a route guide as part of the provision of multimodal information services in transport.

The national access point provides users with access to travel and traffic data and historical traffic data for different modes of transport. Transport authorities in the EU Member States, i.e. carriers, infrastructure managers or transport service providers, provide and update data upon request. The exchange of static and dynamic data is enabled through the national access point. Static travel and traffic data is essential for information and planning purposes during the pre-trip phase and is therefore required by all Member States. Dynamic travel and traffic data, for example travel disturbances and delays, can allow end users to make well informed travel decisions and bring time savings. An integral part of the national access point is information on public transport lines, stops, timetables and other information established by EU regulations.

Moreover, the consortium comprising Ericsson Nikola Tesla and King ICT has signed a new three-year framework agreement with the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia on the maintenance of the emergency call system worth HRK 13.5 million.

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