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Ericsson Nikola Tesla and OIV implement private 5G network

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As part of a pilot project, companies Ericsson Nikola Tesla and Odašiljači i veze (OIV) implemented a private 5G network at a factory in the Šibenik-Knin County.

The Ericsson Private 5G solution is intended for building mobile networks in an industrial environment. It provides a fully stand-alone 5G network which enables high performance, high security level, remote control and automation. Implementation of such solutions, with the use of high speeds and low latency, opens opportunities in the field of digitalization of the industry because it provides reliable connectivity, which provides a basis for improving productivity, flexibility and efficiency in different industrial environments.

One of the possible applications of 5G private networks is also automated monitoring of the warehouse status by using drones

Based on this implementation, the factory has enabled a reliable wireless mobile technology for various types of devices that were so far connected by wire or via WiFi. Device networking ensures more efficient factory warehouse management and a better information flow, as well as improved production process management.

“The past crisis period has accelerated the era of digitalization, and rapid technological changes are affecting almost all spheres of our lives, including business. 5G technology is a turning point in the new industrial revolution and will be crucial for the further development of society, and this project was launched so that we can gain additional experience in this network of the future,” said OIV CEO Mate Botica.

Gordana Kovačević, MSc, president of Ericsson Nikola Tesla, pointed out: “ICT industry is the foundation of accelerated development in all segments of human activity, so it can significantly improve industrial processes. Private 5G networks will significantly contribute to the realization of Industry 4.0. In the factories of the future, whose number is increasing by the day, intelligently networked machines will take the production process to a whole new level. With such solutions, we enable lower costs and higher productivity with imperative flexibility in response to market demands. I am proud of the high level of knowledge and competencies with which Ericsson Nikola Tesla experts significantly contribute to this and other projects that lay the foundations of the future Industry 4.0 in Croatia”.

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