Joint Information System of Land Registry and Cadaster for the creation and management of a joint base, which enables a unique login, as well as the management and maintenance of the above data.


A platform for remote learning and collaboration for remote learning supports advanced methods of viewing and managing the education content, with a two-way communication between students and teachers, as well as monitoring the students’ success in mastering the content.

web GIS

A system for viewing, managing and analyzing geolocation data.


A system for eOffice and eArchive enables fast and efficient management of business information and documents (organization, storage and security) and the optimization of business processes, all with the aim of higher efficiency in work and providing quality services to end users.


A system for a comprehensive and complete record of property owned and/or used by the state. The system enables a more effective and efficient management of property based on detailed data on the current status of specific segments of the property.

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