Electronic Healthcare Exchange - EHE

The Electronic Healthcare Exchange - EHE represents a comprehensive solution for health care organizations and delivery systems based on open communication platform, common middleware services and health care specific application components.

By combining and scaling EHE system components the solution can be applied to a wide range of health care service integration needs. Such solutions connect users and stakeholders from different health care provisioning system parts.

EHE solution delivers real benefits to stakeholders:
  • Transparent, personalized and secure access to medical and administrative patient data;
  • High quality management of patient medical data;
  • Effective gathering of medical information for health care business process planning and optimisation;
  • Cash flow control and improvement of health care practices efficiency;
  • Knowledge sharing based on best practices and scientific knowledge;
  • Open platform that can integrate and enable collaboration among all stakeholders involved in health care;
  • Active participation of patients in health care processes;
  • Improvement in the quality of current health care business processes;
  • Security and confidentiality of personal and medical data

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