M2M Solutions

Machine to machine communication (M2M Industry) encompasses a wide range of various technologies and applications. M2M refers to a system, in which a machine can communicate via network with data acquisition application, usually not requiring a human intervention.

M2M market is a dynamic one, and serves different vertical industries with a range of devices through various networks. The growth is boosted by various factors, including new regulation, various business models, innovations, hardware cost decrease and technological growth. Mobile networks are suitable for connectivity, with a range of various M2M applications, and the operators are more and more focused to M2M, especially in mature and saturated markets.

M2M Applications

M2M Communication Applications are already to a large extent implemented in every industrial sector. Currently, among the most widespread, are certainly telematics systems in vehicles, such as eCall, satellite Fleet Management, Smart Charging for electrical vehicles, Smart Grids for Power Metering, Smart Metering), Mobile Health Systems and remote control and consumer electronic surveillance systems. Moreover, Ericsson Device Connection Platform (EN) cloud service provides telecom operators the possibility to manage business users’ connectivity.

Our Solutions

  • Device Connection Platform
    Ericsson Device Connection Platform (DCP) is a cloud service which enables the operators to offer connection management for business users. It enables operators to address new revenues, based on a variety of devices, while simplifying the process and reducing the connecting costs.  This platform supports the operators in building M2M business from three perspectives, such as managing connectivity through life cycle, sales preparation and business expansion.
  • Electrical Vehicles Power Systems
    As more and more countries recognize electrical vehicles as one of the solutions for sustainable society, ICT will have a key role in the infrastructure, to provide a larger number of these vehicles. Simultaneous charging of a large number of vehicles in a power grid is a real challenge. With ICT solutions, information in real-time may be used to control the process of recharging the electrical vehicles and managing network’s peak loads. This enables the vehicles to be recharged under moderate changes in a distribution network.
  • Multiservice Delivery Platform
    Ericsson Multiservice Delivery Platform is the state-of-the-art business platform, which manages and delivers digital content to any screen. With it, you can quickly enter into any mobile market and commit to targeted user groups. This solution facilitates introduction of new offers and business models with a data base growth, and without investing into new technology.

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