Advanced Traffic Solutions

Ericsson Nikola Tesla, with its advanced traffic solutions provides an efficient and a reliable answer to the challenges of modern traffic, such as efficient management and traffic optimization on all levels, safety of all traffic participants, managing crisis and incident situations, multimodal transport, power efficiency, environmental protection and appropriate reduction of greenhouse gas emission.


Advanced solutions for traffic systems, called Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is a set of technological and business solutions, which aim to achieve an efficient, reliable, safe and clean transport of passengers and goods. ITS system is based on modern ICT technologies, successfully integrated into the existing classic technology systems in transport.

Ericsson Nikola Tesla solutions can be individual solutions or can be successfully implemented into the already existing classical solutions of roads monitoring and management, thus significantly improving their characteristics. All the solutions have been developed in full compliance with international standards and the corresponding regulations concerning Transportation Segment of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union.


Applying the Company ITS Solutions enables new functionalities of the intelligent transportation systems solutions, such as:

  • Transport Information Systems
  • Road, railway, maritime and river transport management, communications and monitoring solutions
  • Managing transport in different levels (city, highways, national)
  • Managing transport in incident situations
  • Managing Public Transport systems
  • Advanced power efficiency and roads permeability solutions and reduction of pollution and greenhouse gas emission
  • Advanced  vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communication solutions


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